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Photo by: Luke Snyder

About Me

I've always had an interest in arts. Colors, patterns, light, shadows. All these things and how they work together in harmony always intrigued me. Since before digital photography gained popularity, I always carried a camera in my bag capturing everything around me. I was known as the shutterbug or historian amongst friends and family, capturing all our memories in still photos.

Eventually, I left my camera on the shelf and focused on my career in corporate accounting for ten years. While pregnant with my second child, I picked up my camera gear again and started shooting. My supportive husband got me a new lens that Christmas. Colors and life came back into my soul. I love capturing mother nature's beauty and chasing emotions behind the lens. Stories told by simple still moments.  

Random Facts

  • If I could eat anything before I die, it would be xiao long bao

  • I'm a certified scuba diver

  • I'm a sushi snob

  • I'm a dog lover and could not imagine life without my fur baby

  • I've gone skydiving twice and have considered getting certified

  • I dislike plain socks. The more colors and patterns, the better

  • I like to geek out on ancient history. Roman empire, Egyptian pyramids, etc. I'm all about it

  • I'm a Harry Potter fan

  • I'm an investigator. I need to know the truth and history behind everything. 

  • I believe we all have a role to protect and preserve this beautiful planet we live on

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